Calved icebergs crowd the frigid waters  08>> of Jökulsárlón, a lagoon on the southeastern edge of the Vatnajökull glacier.

A lattice of crevasses  44>> grids the fringes of the Vatnajökull glacier near the hamlet of Smyrlabjörg. Ice fissures form where the glacier bends as it oozes across the landscape. Many remain hidden by snow atop the glacier until melting exposes them.

Sure it doesn’t look like much,  137>> but it could swallow you whole—and the truck you rode in on.

An axe in each hand and knives (in the form of crampons) on each foot help professional climber Mark Synnott ascend a snowy wall  134>> in Gjalp fissure.

This is the road to Stokksnes,  291>> near Höfn in southeastern Iceland.

Pipelines channel  223>> cheap, clean energy straight from the Earth at the geothermal power station in central Iceland’s Krafla region.

Infernoesque! Mud pots  52>> burble by a brimstone, or sulfur, lake at Krafla.

A steaming fumarole  265>> stands sentinel along a Krafla path.


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Gullfoss Waterfall


Photographs by
M. Ford Cochran