Burliness is on display as David and Mark try to stay buff in the field. The pair do torturous chin-up  06>> sets from a wooden beam inside the cabin. When David discovers that bars on the front of one of the vehicles are ideal for pull-ups, Mark matches his count, but does them one-handed.

“No one here but us sleeping bags.” I am officially invisible; I’m not part of the story David’s here to film. When cameras are trained on Freyr and Haraldur, I dive for cover  07>> so I won’t be seen.

After falling through thin ice with his photographic equipment, Carsten pulls an all-nighter blow-drying  211>> his entire ensemble of cameras and lenses. Addi’s portable generator provides the current.

David settles into the after-market safety rails on the front of his ATV in preparation for a high-speed bumpercam shot  241>> of our bouncing truck.

Our drivers offer to prepare a charbroiled banquet in honor of our successful shoot. But try as he might, Addi can’t keep the coals lit. After an hour he discovers the cause: Someone back in Reykjavic bought “charcoal” designed for gas grills. He’s been trying to set rocks on fire! Carsten gathers scrap wood from around the cabins to build a fire and save dinner.


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Pumping Up

Glacial Evening

David: “This is good.”

All Photographs by
M. Ford Cochran