Under the tranquil landscapes of northern Florida, beneath the cypress and the live oaks and the glass-clear streams, a torrent surges through a maze of hidden passageways. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of miles of cave lie drowned here. And hundreds of unwary—or merely unlucky—explorers have lost their lives attempting to probe their secrets.

Now a team of subterranean aquanauts is pushing the depths of Wakulla Springs 127>>. Don your wetsuit, clench the airhose between your teeth, climb aboard a torpedo-like scooter, and join Boyd Matson and the rest of the EXPLORER crew as they plunge into the darkness of Florida’s watery underworld.


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Phone Call
From the Field:
Ford Cochran
Gear, and Lots of It

Bell in the Water

Photograph by
Paul Heinerth

Cave Map by
U.S. Deep Caving Team, Inc.