David 19>> recounts his expedition to K2, the world’s second highest mountain, with high-altitude climber Heidi Howkins, whose expedition was sponsored in part by priceline.com:

  • On the final trek to K2 Base Camp, disaster struck....my leg went one way and my body went the other and that was it.

  • It’s probably the most nightmarish place to do physical therapy that you can imagine, on a slippery glacier at 17,000 feet (5,200 meters). I used my trekking poles as crutches 35>>....

  • We improvised a stretcher 62>> with slings, canvas, a cot type of structure, and wood.

  • The Pakistani Army....got the message that they had a climber in there who had no other way of getting off this glacier. Ironically, it may turn out that some of the best footage that I have from the whole trip, I shot while I was in that [evacuation] helicopter. I got aerials of the glacier and aerials of K2 that I otherwise would never have gotten.

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David on Shaky Ground

The Slow Lane
Photographs by
David Hamlin