Reptile specialist Brady Barr 12>> needed a customized camera to capture close-up images of his aggressive Australian subjects, saltwater crocodiles:

  • The crew devised this pair of glasses which included a camera, the Bradycam 61>>, for lack of a better name....They also gave me chickens, one for each hand.

  • ...all of a sudden—in a heartbeat—this 14- to 15-foot (about 4.5-meter) crocodile comes rushing up out of the water like a freight train 58>>.

  • I throw one chicken right into the crocodile’s mouth, and it barely slows him down—he inhales the chicken. Now I’m thinking, oh my gosh, I’ve wasted one of my chickens.

  • In the end it was all worth it, because we got some incredible footage of this giant crocodile rushing up after me looking for a meal!

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Brady on Crocodile Fears

Here, Croc!

Photographs 12 and 61 by
Robin Freeman

Photograph 58 by
Lori Butterfield