Reptile specialist Brady Barr 22>> was in Australia helping to remove a problem saltwater crocodile from a public fishing area:

  • We had been battling this giant crocodile 10>> all night long. It was about a 14- to 15-foot (about 4.5-meter) crocodile and weighed probably 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms)....the croc would come straight up out of the water, grab the front of the boat in its mouth, shake it, and hit the side of the boat with its tail.

  • One of the wildlife rangers said....there was a possibility that, while this crocodile was tied to the front of the boat 84>>, it would go into that death roll and “flip this boat like a cardboard box.”

  • He said, “If that crocodile starts to roll it is your job to cut the rope.” But the rope is the thickness of my wrist and the knife he gives me is like a little toy....

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Brady on Facing Facts

Crocodile Rock

Photographs by
Mei Len