Bruce 42>> was investigating a series of mysterious deaths for a film on Indian wolves 03>>:

  • No one knew what was killing the children 02>> of Uttar Pradesh. They imagined that it had to be a supernatural being [the Mannhai, the human creature] descending from the sky and snatching children in the middle of the night—possibly eating them or selling them for their organs to other countries.

  • It wasn’t until I got back in that the interpreter told me that they really, really thought that I was the Mannhai. They said point-blank that, had I driven into that village at the time the children were being taken, they would have beaten me to death.

  • I realized how helpless I would have been in that situation because there was nothing that I could have done in a village of 50 to 100 men with sticks.

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Bruce on Mistaken Identity

The Awful Truth

Photographs by
Stella Cha