Grenda 66>> was the field producer for a film on the Marathon des Sables (the Marathon of the Sands), a brutal six-day footrace through the Sagar Desert:

  • Setting up our tents every day, then breaking everything down the following day took a toll after a while. All the while we’re trying to get the right shots 68>>....

  • Out in the blistering sun you’re constantly fearing and fighting dehydration. At the same time you’re going up and over sand dunes as high as a building in some cases, trying to keep up with the runners.

  • We saw a different side of Boyd [Matson, the EXPLORER host] on this shoot because he stepped outside of his “host” role and was truly a participant.

  • What was really wonderful was the camaraderie with people from all over the world....It was interesting to go around the different camps every night and talk to them. “Why in the heck are you out here doing something like this?” 49>>

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Grenda on Getting It Done

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