Claire 72>> was visiting the Botswana base camp 23>> of filmmakers Tim and June Liversedge:

  • Halfway through the shoot we realized, “Oh, we’re drinking water right out of the swamp!” 07>> [June and Tim] drank it themselves, but we would have all been terrified if we had known at the beginning....Sure, there are some animals around there, doing what they do. You try not to think about that.

  • We’d walk out in the morning and Tim would say, very matter-of-factly, “Oh, look, there are cheetah tracks. There was a cheetah walking through camp last night.”

  • Tim said to us, “Oh, you’ll be really lucky if you see any snakes.” I thought, Yeah...lucky.

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Claire on a Wild Ride

Photograph 72 by
John Livzey

Photographs 23 and 07 by
June Liversedge