Chris 84>> shared a blustery boat ride to Chile’s Juan Fernández Islands on a filming expedition with fur seal 42>> scientist John Francis 60>>:

  • They said, “No, Chris, that’s not our boat. It’s that little one next to it,” which was this sort of pink and green wooden thing that was rocking and rolling, even in the harbor.

  • Our equipment was floating. Everything—all our cameras, all our film—was underwater.

  • I was going to make pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, canned turkey, and all kinds of little goodies for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  • We finally got to camp about sunset. By then we didn’t even know which case the turkey dinner was in. We had an old cloth bag of tortillas and a jar of peanut butter, which we gratefully sat down and consumed.

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Chris on the Cruise From Hell

Photograph 84 from
National Geographic Television

Photographs 42 and 60 by
Chris Weber