Margaret Burnette>>42 describes the challenge of filming a grueling horse race in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains:

  • The Tevis Cup Ride is a horse race that covers 100 miles [161 kilometers] over 24 hours. . . . Boyd Matson>>12 [host of EXPLORER], being the Texas guy he is, figured he could get on one of them there horses and ride that trail.
  • When you have an event shoot and you only have about 24 hours. . . you throw all you’ve got at it. . . . We had multiple crews positioned.
  • We had given Boyd a little digital camera. . . . to cover portions of the ride>>28 we could not have covered otherwise. There’s one scene where he falls off his horse onto some very sharp rocks.
  • . . . we found out that Boyd had never shown up at an earlier checkpoint—he was missing. One thing you don’t do is lose your show host.
  • Someone else on the crew was the first to spot them. He said he got out of the car and all he saw were the pointed toes of cowboy boots sticking up in the grass.
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Photograph 42 by
Ken Garrett

Photographs 12 and 28 by
John Livzey