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The Volvo Ocean 2001-2002 Race Round the World The Science and Strategy of the Volvo Ocean Race
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German Team Wins Marathon Volvo Ocean Race
Ocean Race Pounds On—Even at Pit Stops
Black “Blob” in Florida Waters Has Scientists Perplexed
Racers Hit “Liquid Himalaya”
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Geo Files
image: Early racing yachts Milestones in Ocean Racing
“Pioneered in the Netherlands in the 17th century, competitive yachting (from the Dutch jacht—short for hunting ship) took a turn for the audacious in the 19th century, when sailors began racing from continent to continent in earnest.” Read more >>
Race Dispatches
Race Dispatches
Race Dispatches Dispatch 8: How to Win
“Yes, the weather can deal you a bad hand. And, yes, you can have accidents. But the longer you plan, prepare, and train, the more in charge you are of your chances.” Full dispatch >>
3-d Race Viewer Official Race Coverage Kids Race Site
Where are they now? Subscribe to Virtual Spectator’s viewer to track the racers at any time from almost any angle, analyze tactical moves, and more.
Official Race CoverageGet up-to-the-minute race news, including current positions, dispatches from the racers, and more from Volvo Ocean Race headquarters.
At Volvo Ocean Adventure, interactive games and assignments put a kid-friendly spin on the action.

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