The New Media Group


Producer: Laura Carter

Writer: Peter Winkler

Coordinating Producers: M. Ford Cochran/Geography Education, Dorrit Green/WORLD, Tim Greenleaf/TRAVELER, John Sebastian/Cartographic

Text Editor: Valerie May

Researcher: Paul Durbin

Photo Research: Laura Carter, Stephen St. John

Photographer: Mark Thiessen

Additional object photography by Jose Azel/PNI, Karen Bryant, Chuck Fishman/PNI, and Bates Littlehales.

Resource Research: Laura Carter, Rick Davis, Janet Dombrowski

Special thanks to: The White House, White House Historical Association, John Bredar, Gerald R. Ford Library, Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Ronald Reagan Library, Harry S. Truman Library

Several photographs were used to create the special effect of a personalized Oval Office. Photographs by Martin Rogers/White House Historical Association, and Bailey/Kinney/Leonhardi.

Photographs of Presidential portraits by Steve Adams/White House Historical Association.

World Magazine’s “Wild Times at the White House” art by Bob Brugger.

Travel map of Washington, D.C., by William Pitzer.

Additional images from Corel Corporation, Classic PIO, PhotoDisc.

Producer: Michael Endres

Creative Director: Rand Kramer

Artists: Christian Hancock, Gordon Ng

Programmers: Michael Endres, Jeffrey Braxton