Blue-Ribbon Links

The Blue-Ribbon links below were selected as the best destinations online for teaching and learning geography by a panel of geography education experts at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and university levels. The sites were selected based on the quality and depth of their geographic information, their usefulness to teachers, and their overall ease of navigation. Twice a year, we will update this list. The Xpeditions team has also selected additional links to other useful resources for geographic education. Nominate a site!

Blue-Ribbon Links

American Fact Finder
A resource from the U.S. Census Bureau, this site contains key spatial data and an online mapping program.

The CIA World Factbook
The CIA provides in-depth and up-to-date descriptions of countries worldwide.

The Earth from Space
See Earth the way the astronauts do with NASA’s photographs from space.

Geography at
Get to the core of geography at this friendly and frequently-updated site.
Access the Map Machine, geographic news, educational resources and more at Xpeditions’ parent site.

Population Reference Bureau
Track U.S. and international population trends.

Tiger Map Server
Focusing on the U.S., this site lets you choose exactly what shows up on your map.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus Resource Source
Compare global trends, demographic statistics, country profiles, flags, and photographs in this useful site from the United Nations.

Volcano World
This site is a rich source of scientific information about volcanoes, and posts updates on eruptions as they happen.


Additional Links

Amazon Interactive
This site offers information on the physical and human geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Climatic Extremes and Weather Events
The National Climate Data Center illustrates and explains El Niño, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, and other powerful weather and climate related events.

ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Online Lessons
This site offers mapping-related activities online and for download from map software specialist ESRI.

This site features essays and photographs of a number of countries.

Geography at
The online geography quizzes and games at this site engage students’ attention as they reinforce geographic skills.

HyperHistory Online
This helpful collection of historical maps complements timelines of lives and events in world history, and is a great tool for visualizing spatial and temporal relationships.

The JASON Project
The JASON Foundation sends teacher and student explorers on global Earth science expeditions, then reports their adventures over the Web.

Kidlink’s Multi-Cultural Calendar
Students and teachers can learn about holidays around the world, sorted by day and month or by region.

Find your school or your home from the air with more than a terrabyte of satellite imagery, aerial photography, and topographic maps.

The Thesaurus of Geographic Names
If it’s anywhere, you’ll probably find it here.

U.S. Library of Congress Country Studies
Search detailed studies of many countries, complete with photographs, tables, glossaries, and bibliographies.

Virtual Antarctica
This classic site from 1995 paved the way for geographic education using real-time journey dispatches and the Internet.