Ending Cash Bail

Artists and activists Common and Usher team up with Global Citizen and grassroots organizers as they attempt to achieve historic criminal justice reform by ending the use of cash bail in New York State.

The ENDING CASH BAIL episode aired on September 12, 2019.


Cultivating conversations on unconscious bias

Raising consciousness around racial bias is the first step towards creating a more just, equitable society.


How is the world’s largest advertiser using images to spark positive action and help eliminate racial bias?

Go behind the scenes of a short film that aims to change perceptions, create empathy and help spur a dialogue about race.

About P&G

Racial bias, conscious or unconscious, can be impacted and shaped by images in entertainment, advertising, and media. How communities see each other can lead to life-changing personal and societal consequences, especially for people of color and impoverished communities. P&G believe that addressing important societal issues while ensuring positive, accurate portrayals of all people can lead to powerful change. P&G recently released a new film, titled “The Look”, designed to spark reflection and conversation on racial bias and inequality as experienced by many Black men in America. “The Look” follows a Black man throughout his day as he encounters a variety of ‘looks’ that symbolize a barrier to acceptance – and differing levels of bias. Historical records and contemporary stories are provided at www.talkaboutbias.com to spark discussion and understanding on how these small ‘looks’, whether intentional or not, can have a potentially bigger impact.

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Since 2018, Global Citizen has been campaigning on Racial Bias and the Criminalization of Poverty, particularly in the United States. The burden of incarceration impacts the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, and addressing this issue is key to achieving the Global Goals because freedom and access to justice cannot exist just for those who can afford to pay. We have made great strides, but we still need to call on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to follow through on his promise to end cash bail in New York and set a national precedent for bail reform. Here is how you can get involved - go to globalcitizen.org/activate and take action to help stop the criminalization of poverty.

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