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Video in the News: Do We Really Need a Cougar AND a Jaguar? Alan Rabinowitz on The Colbert Report

Text by Mindy Zacharjasz

Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz did what many a congressman, senator, and presidential hopeful have failed to do before him: (almost) make Stephen Colbert cry.

On Tuesday’s Colbert Report, the now graying action hero who has dedicated his life to big-cat conservation spoke about his new book, Life in the Valley of Death. The book discusses one of his most recent projects: creating a tiger refuge in Myanmar (read about it in an ADVENTURE profile of Rabinowitz). On the show, Rabinowitz told the story about how to he first became inspired to save animals—and not even Colbert could make fun of that one (see it for yourself in the video).

Then on to Cobert’s more pressing questions: Do dictators and communist countries have an advantage when it comes to conservation? Does this planet really need a cougar and a jaguar? And, when you die, do you want to be devoured by a big cat?

Looks like Colbert’s Wildcat loyalties (he’s an alum of Northwestern University) have stayed with him.