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Headliners: Adventure in 60 Seconds

A look at the latest adventure news, by Mindy Zacharjasz

Talk about summer sun: Two young Brits traversing Greenland by sled and ski saw their first sunset since April, 105 days and more than 1,000 miles into what could be the longest fully unsupported polar expedition. How are the 19- and 21-year-olds keeping friends posted? Text messaging, of course.

With the ice cap melting and gas prices rising, every day brings new green innovations. Israel seems to be step ahead of us with 90 percent of homes there equipped with solar hot water. As if taking the hint, GM announced Tuesday it would build the world’s biggest rooftop solar station in their Zaragoza plant in northeastern Spain.

Gas prices today top $4.09, but ditching the car could save you money more places than the pump: Australian cyclists saved about $227.2 million last year on medical bills.

And speaking of cycling, someone new wears the Tour de France yellow leader jersey tonight after a last mile stage six crash. Missed it? Don’t worry, just catch it (and the rest of the Tour) on YouTube.