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Headliners: Adventure in 60 Seconds

A roundup of the latest adventure news, by Mindy Zacharjasz

Father-son bonding, Adventure style: John and Ryan Dahlem added Himalaya’s Cho Oyu to their résumé after their latest summit of the world’s sixth highest peak. It’s just another notch on the father-son team’s climbing belt, which already includes the highest peak on five of seven continents.

Triathlete Chrissie Wellington won Kona, Hawaii’s Ironman competition women’s division, after overcoming a ten-minute flat tire delay. The still-undefeated Brit finished the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run in just over nine hours, a full 15 minutes faster than the runner up.

BMW’s going electric, Fiat’s offering hypermiling help, but how about finding your car fuel from your pantry? A canola oil-powered car hit 72 mph and beat out all the other fuels at the 600-mile race, Escape from Berkeley (by any non-petroleum means necessary).

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