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The Adventure Travel Issue, Now on Newsstands (Even in Vietnam)

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Photograph courtesy of Kara Fox

We’re pleased to confirm that globetrotters worldwide are not forced to forego their monthly dose of Adventure. Former NGA photo researcher Kara Fox, currently on her own world tour, found the magazine while exploring the hustle-bustle of Hanoi.

Our annual Adventure Travel Issue (November 2008) hit newssands this week. In addition to announcing the 25 best new adventure travel trips for 2009 (see the list), we also have a feature on the world’s 50 top ecolodges, forming the most comprehensive ecolodge survey ever assembled (check out our interactive map and truly spectacular photo gallery). And while maybe it’s no surprise that these Earth-friendly retreats are situated near some of the planet’s most treasured spots—Ayers Rock, Kilimanjaro, the Seychelles—perhaps it is surprising that there’s something for almost every budget.