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Headliners: Adventure in 60 Seconds Election Edition!

A roundup of the latest adventure news, by Mindy Zacharjasz

Final showdown: This two-year, multi-stage ultra-marathon has challenged top endurance competitors in enough battles to K.O. Mike Tyson. Need a refresher? Now it’s down to two major contenders and the finish line is finally in sight, as is the much anticipated prize–the Presidency of the United States. In this special edition of Adventure in 60 Seconds, we turn our attention a few adventure-worthy tidbits of the Presidential election.

Some 39,000 raced in the New York City Marathon on Sunday and more than a few took the opportunity to show their politics, despite the sweat. And there’s never lack of creativity in campaign gear. Case in point: This year’s Barack Obama bike and Sarah Palin hockey puck.

It doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue, just vote green–-or at least that’s how some groups are trying to steer the vote. No doubt green issues and opinions are everywhere, and so are the campaign funding boosts by environmental, alternative energy, and coal mining groups. And of course there’s big oil which has contributed well more than $20 mill this go ’round. How will the next president really handle all of this, not to mention other talking points like global warming and terrorism? Time will tell, but here’s a physics lesson that one professor thinks could do just the trick.

And now for that election public service announcement you knew was coming: You can drive, walk, bike, or carpool, or travel in some adventure of your own, just make sure you get the polls Tuesday and vote.