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Headliners: Adventure in 60 Seconds

A roundup of the latest adventure news, by Zack Braunstein

The time has come for New Years resolutions; a group of 14 prominent environmental activists have some suggestions to top president-elect Obama's list. One promising source of clean energy: SeaGen's tidal turbines, which maxed out their energy capacity of 1.2MW for the first time off the coast of England. Here's to hoping they use the energy wisely.

Last year's resolutions met a disappointing end for Italian adventurer Alex Bellini, who in February began his solo-row of nearly 11,000 miles across the Pacific. He was rescued less than 100 miles from his goal.

Men: Find your nerve failing at the top of that double black diamond? Invite a pretty girl the next time you hit the slopes. Studies show that guys will take bigger risks if there's a chance to impress the ladies.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the explorer who's seen it all? Let him or her search for alien life aboard a private space ship.