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The ADVENTURE Top 10: Most Beautiful Nature Videos

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Text by Andrea Minarcek. Read previous ADVENTURE Top 10 lists.

Here at National Geographic ADVENTURE, we have very scientific means of measuring the changing of the seasons. So how, you ask, do we know spring is here? One glance out our Manhattan office windows, down into Bryant Park, tells us all we need to know. As soon as the plush green grass in filled with suits laid out on their backs—shoes and socks off, ties askew, dreamy dumbstruck smiles on their faces—it’s official. Spring fever has struck!

But not everyone, we know, has the luxury of whiling away these first warm, sunny days of the year catatonic in a park. So for those of you who find yourselves staring into a computer screen, we humbly offer this replacement: ADVENTURE’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Nature Videos, mini moments of zen meant to infect you with a giddy sense of peace.

A disclaimer: We won’t even attempt to label these the best of all time—there are simply too many great scenic shots out there. If you have a favorite our list missed, we’d love to see it. Post the link in our Comments section, below.

10. Flying a small plane above the islands of Bora Bora:

Spoiler alert: In our tireless search for the best nature videos, we came across an overabundance of ridiculously adorable animal footage. We were tempted to throw a few into this week’s Top 10, but there were so many, we decided they merited their own list altogether. So stay tuned for next week, when we’ll bring you the Top 10 (Cute) Animal Videos. (Seriously.) If you have a favorite of your own, send it our way (, and you might see it on next week’s list.