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Follow the First Ascent Team With NGA
Daily Video, Photos, Dispatches—Direct From Everest

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Photographs by Jake Norton

It's an all-star team on an epic journey: Four of the planet's most accomplished mountaineers—Ed Viesturs, Peter Whittaker, David Hahn, and Melissa Arnot—will attempt to climb to the rooftop of the world this spring. The expedition, sponsored by Eddie Bauer's First Ascent Clothing and Gear Line, began its ascent on March 30. Over the next two months, the climbers will make their way up Everest in dangerous conditions, fighting hypothermia, altitude sickness, and sheer physical exhaustion to achieve something few can boast. 

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We're thrilled to be publishing daily dispatches, videos, and photos from the team. Check out today's video to see an incredible ice avalanche rumbling down the mountain near Camp 1. A few climbers were covered in the snow, but no one was hurt. You can also explore every inch of Everest for yourself an interactive topo map