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Travel Tech: Twitter Apps For the Adventure Set (For 3GS iPhone)

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Text by Laura Buckley. Also see Steve Casimiro top 20 travel apps.

Two very interesting things happened last week: Twitter made front-page headlines, showing skeptics just how useful the micro-blogging tool can be to connect people on the move in distant places; and Apple released the speedy new iPhone 3GS. If Twitter can effectively organize demonstrations in Iran, it certainly can help keep tabs on the most itinerant of travelers–now with video and better photos. This inspired us to put together a list of some of our favorite iPhone Twitter apps for the adventure set. With these apps, it's easier than ever to keep your friends, family, and fans in the loop about your excursions. It's twit-tastic, really.

Twitterfon, free
Also availale in a pro version ($4.99) for the advanced Twitterer, but we like the free version. No bells and whistles here–it's just simple and super easy to use. Did we mention it was free?

Tweetmic, $0.99
Although it's currently experiencing some problems due to the Twitpocalypse bug, this twitter add-on app only does one thing, but does it well: tweetcasts. It's perfect for recording audio of your screaming excitement from your latest sky-diving expedition and upload to twitter.

Tweetie, $2.99
Tweetie is super fast and easily allows you to upload photos, follow your friends and manage multiple accounts. Its interface is clean and very user friendly.

Twitterific Premium, $3.99
This winner of the 2008 Apple Design Award for best social networking app can manage multiple accounts and be customized for your personal tweeting needs. Not recommended for those new to the Twitter scene, but could be for you if you're a twitmaniac.

Twittelator Pro, $4.99
The future of tweeting? You can now shoot, edit, and upload video tweets with the updated version of Twittleator Pro to accompany the new iPhone 3GS. You're friends can't doubt you landed the jump when you've captured the video.

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