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Travel Tech: Cell Phone Gadgets Good Enough For 007

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Hymini-Flower-500 Text by Christian Camerota. Also read our review of rugged, adventure cell phones.

An old adage says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But these are a few strides you might consider beforehand to prep yourself and your cell phone adequately.

1. Dial With A Green Thumb: HYmini Solar/Wind-Powered Phone Charger

What a drag to be in the middle of the Gobi Desert with full bars, ready to
call home and brag about the killer sandstorm you just survived, when your
battery runs out. Luckily, you eschew feeling powerless and always
pack your HYmini. One of the cooler looking little handheld green
gadgets around, the HYmini harnesses wind or solar power (or both) and can be used to juice up anything from your cell to your ipod.