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Obama’s National Parks Tour, “That’s a geyser there” – Which spots did he miss?

President Obama and his family hit up the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks this weekend for a quick adventure break from his health care reform tour. He's obviously not the only one vacationing in the NPs this year, as visits to the National Parks are up 4 percent this year compared to last.
are up 4 percent this year compared to last.
Aside from it being just a regular family vacation, Obama aides told The New York Times that the president also hopes his visit will encourage more Americans to visit the national parks. We like that.

The First Family spent Friday night at a wooden lodge in the mountains of Montana, where the president went fly-fishing for the first time (no, he didn't catch any fish) while Michelle and the girls went whitewater rafting. On Saturday, they headed to Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful. After the geyser erupted, the president was overheard saying, "Oh, that's pretty good. Cool. Look at that. That's a geyser there." The family then hoped on a helicopter and went to the Grand Canyon to Hopi Point to check out the 5,000-foot drop to the Colorado River on Sunday.

Although we love that Obama is promoting the NPs, it would have been nice if he spent a bit more time there and visited a few lesser-known places, like the Hoodoo Basin or the Cascade Corner. What places do you think the president missed on his tour?

Plan your own trip with our national parks coverage. —Laura Buckley