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No Direction Home? Bob Dylan Will Give You Some…

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Bob Dylan is reportedly in negotiations to lend his gravely, iconic voice to in-car GPS units. Years ago, before he sold out to Pepsi, Victoria's Secret, and Cadillac, this would have been cause for some sort of anti-capitalist outrage. But the times they done changed. For his part, Dylan seems as unsure as anyone about being a GPS-voice. On his radio show, he tried out some directions: "Left at the next street. No, right. You know what? Just go straight," he said, adding, "I probably shouldn't do it because whichever way I go, I always end up at one place — on Lonely Avenue. Luckily, I'm not totally alone. Ray Charles beat me there." Um, OK Bob. Then Dylan laughed and went to bed on a pile of money, we expect. —Ryan Bradley

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