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Meet the Adventurers of the Year: Sky Flier Dean S. Potter

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The Icarus Project: Sky Flier Dean S. Potter

On a sunny afternoon in mid-August, Dean Potter stepped onto a tongue of rock just below the summit of Switzerland’s Eiger and jumped off. At first he plunged toward a ledge 600 feet below, then air gathered in his wingsuit, his forward trajectory kicked in, and he began to fly.

Speeding three feet ahead for every one he dropped, Potter, 37, watched as ice slopes gave way to talus, then to fields, then cabins, then houses, restaurants, and eventually a town, which he veered away from to avoid the power lines. By the time he pulled his chute and drifted to earth, Potter had spent two minutes and 50 seconds in flight. It was the longest BASE jump ever, covering some 9,000 vertical feet and nearly four miles. Read the story and watch the video >>


Three weeks ago we announced the 2009 Adventurers of the Yearselected
for their extraordinary achievements in exploration, conservation,
action sports, and humanitarian work. Now, for the first time ever, you
can vote for the Readers' Choice Adventurer of the Year. To help you
get to know them, we are going to highlight a different adventurer
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