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Micato Safaris Traveller Interacting with Locals

Voluntourism: Luxury Meets Giving Back on Micato’s Heart of Kenya Safari

Take it from Micato Safaris, the high-end outfitter with a
conscience: “luxury voluntourism” is not an oxymoron. Sort of.
Starting this year, Micato promises to sponsor one Kenyan child’s
education for every person who goes with them on safari. The
volunteering comes with the “Lend a Helping Hand” trip extension.
After 12 days sipping cocktails and scouting out the Big Five from your
private bush plane, you’ll spend a morning with AmericaShare, a
Micato-sponsored nonprofit, reading to school children or planting a
tree in Nairobi’s Mukuru slum.

Call it "Voluntourism for Beginners." “Not everyone is prepared to build a
school on their first trip to Africa,” says Micato’s Jessica Brida.
“This is kind of just dipping your toes in.” The goal is to inspire
you to keep giving post-safari through another one of Micato’s
philanthropy programs.

For the safari, guests arrive in Nairobi and visit Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, and the Maasai Mara, ending back in Nairobi.—Greer Schott

Outfitter: Micato Safaris

Price: $8,355 with volunteer day

Length: 13 days

Photograph courtesy of Micato Safaris