Adventure in 60 Seconds: Goat Vs. Man; Next-Gen Parkour; Moo-bile Tech in Africa

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Goat Vs. Man
New York Times writer Tim Egan comments on the recent incident in Olympic National Park where a mountain goat—an herbavoire, even—gored an experienced hiker and lorded over him while the man bled to death. Egan suggests our natural balance is broken. Read the article.

Next-Gen Parkour looks at parkour’s all-stars, including founders Danny Belle and Sebastien Foucan, to show how next-gen parkour incorporates bikes, inline skates, and skateboards in the hands of action sports aficionados. See the gallery.

Moo-bile Tech in Africa
The winner of Apps 4 Africa, the country’s first mobile application contest has been announced. The app, iCow, helps farmers maximize bovine breeding potential by tracking the fertility cycle of their animals. The competition was aimed at getting top local developers together to find useful solutions with smartphone technology. Read the article.