Adventure in 60 Seconds: Everest Gets Cell Service, Robot Pioneers Space Travel, More

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Everest Gets 3G Cell Phone Service

The rooftop of the world has just been suited up with 3G cell phone service that goes clear to the summit by Ncell, a new private telecommunications company based in Nepal. Climbers currently tend to carry bulky, expensive satellite phones to communicate. Get ready for Everest summit photos popping up on Facebook. Read the New York Times article >>

NASA Robot Pioneers Space Travel (Video)
NASA will send its first humanoid robot, Robonaut 2, to the International Space Station on the Discovery shuttle departing this week. R2 will spend the next decade doing scientific research and mundane tasks. If it does well, it will graduate to Space Station chores such as vaccuming, cleaning filters. See a video in the Guardian >>

Why Do the Bike-Loving Dutch Refuse to Wear Helemts?
The Netherlands boasts the world's highest per capita use of bicycles. And yet only .1 percent of cyclists wear helmets, compared to 38 percent in the U.S. Read the Wall Street Journal article >>