Adventure in 60 Seconds: Surfing Legend Andy Irons Dies, Heat Improves Performance, Send Your Name to Space

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Andy Irons Death Investigated As Possible Methadone Overdose
Triple world champion surfer Andy Iron, 32, was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas yesterday, after suffering from dengue-like symptom. He was on his way home after pulling out of the Rip Curl Search competition in Puerto Rico due to his ailing health. Our hearts go out to his family. Read the article in the Adventure Journal >>

Phys Ed: Will Training in the Heat Improve Your Performance In The Cold?
Time to take your training somewhere tropical. A new study published last month by the University of Oregon looked at if competitive cyclists’ performance would improve in the cold if they trained in hot conditions. The answer was yes—the heat acclimated cyclists improved 4 to 8 percent more than the control group. Read the article in the New York Times >>

Send Your Name to Mars While Watching the New Rover Get Built
Now there's an option for those of us who love the idea of space travel, but never became an astronaut and will never be able to afford Richard Branson-styled citizen space tourism: You can send your name to space with the Mars rover with a new interactive project from NASA. If we were still in second grade, maybe that would be enough (though we'd still have the chance to grown up to be an astronaut, too). Read the story at