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Mount Everest: Packing List for the World’s Tallest Peak

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Gear packed up en route to Everest. Photograph by Andy Bardon

What do you pack for the world’s tallest peak? Here’s what ski mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill is bringing to Everest, where she is part of our spring 2012 expedition sponsored by National Geographic and The North Face (learn more about the expedition). Though her main objective is to summit via the Southeast Ridge with her teammates, she is bringing her skis on the expedition for a little exploring, if time permits. The team, led by Conrad Anker, has just arrived in Nepal. Follow their progress at and on Twitter at #oneverest.

See how much gear has changed in expedition gear since Sir Edmund Hillary’s first ascent in 1953 in our Everest Climbing Gear—Then and Now photo gallery.

Hilaree O’Neill’s Spring 2012 Everest Packing List

North Face Himalaya suit
North Face Prism Optimus Jacket
North Face Redpoint Pants
North Face Aurora Tights
Wool base layers
Darn Tough Vermont socks, merino wool
2XU Compression socks
2XU Compression tights

Boots and Ski Gear
Scarpa Phantom 8000m Boot
Dynafit TLT5 Performance Ski Boot
Dynafit TLT Speed Radical Binding
Dynastar HM 187 Cham Ski, 166cm

Other Hard Gear
Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons
Black Diamond Helmet
Black Diamond Couloir Harness
Black Diamond Raven Ultra Ice Axe
Smith Polarized I/O Goggle

Soft Gear
North Face Prophet 52 backpack
VE 25 Tent
North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR Shoe
North Face XL Base Camp Duffel
North Face Inferno -20 Sleeping Bag

Canon S95 camera
Panasonic TM 700p
Brunton Solarroll 14 and external battery for charging everything


Clif Shots, Bloks, Mojo bars, and electrolyte drink mix
Werther Hard Candies
Parmesan and Hard Salami
York Peppermint Patties
Peanut Butter