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The Latest #OnEverest: Our Climbers on Instagram, Twitter, More (Update #2)

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Climber Photographer Cory Richards shoots the full moon above the Khumbu Icefall, Everest

The Latest #OnEverest – Update #2

Storified by Mary Anne Potts · Wed, Apr 11 2012 17:12:05

Check back each week for a look at what’s been happening #OnEverest.

@coryrichards on assignment photographing the #fullmoon rising over the #Khumbu glacier. #OnEverest @thenorthface @bookofsamuel imageNational Geographic

Mount Everest is uniquely wired with 3G service, making it one of the most extreme connected places in the world. American explorer Eric Larsen was the first person to tweet from the rooftop of the world in late October 2010. His message read simply “Everest summit!

However as our team arrived at Base Camp last week, the cell tower was down, which limited their ability to post photos and messages. But the situation has improved—take a peek at some of the posts from the previous seven days.

In the image above, photographer-climber Cory Richards shoots the full moon over the Khumbu glacier. You can follow the climb live in the National Geographic magazine app starting April 16. Find out more.

View from our camp up the Khumbu Icefall between Everest and Nuptse. #OnEverest @NatGeo @thenorthface Elias

Climber Sam Elias shows the view from camp. Not bad!

Final Puja ceremony at Everest Basecamp on this day of April 8 with Panuru’s father, Lama Nima Rita. Auspicious days are chosen by the Sherpas based on the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. The blessings were followed by beers, shots of scotch, and local “chong”. I slept the rest of the day and am praying to every spirit, God, and otherwise to let me please, please get over this sickness so that I may enjoy this place.Emily Harrington

Climber Emily Harrington takes us inside the team’s final puja ceremony, which was followed by beers and shots of Scotch. The altitude, however, proves to be challenging for our team. Slow and steady….

Acclimatizing hike to about 5800 meters. The view – #Everest (8848m), #Lhotse (8516m), and #Nuptse (7855m). The #Khumbu ice fall is between the western shoulder of Everest and Nuptse. It is continuously moving downward and turns left to become the Khumbu glacier. #OnEverest @natgeo @thenorthfaceSamuel Elias

This is the priceless view we all hope to see with our own eyes. Until then, thanks, Sam, for the incredible photo.

#latergram #regram by @conradclimber. “#fromwhereistand looking down to the Dudh Khosi river from a wire rope bridge.” #OnEverest @NatGeothenorthface

Climber Conrad Anker shows a rope bridge that carried them over the Dudh Khosi river. This ladder is probably a piece of cake compared to the ladders they will face in the Khumbu Icefall.

A sherpani picks the potatoes from our dinner straight from the ground in Phortse, Nepal. #OnEverest @khumbuclimbingcenter @phil_henderson photoNational Geographic

NOLS leader Phil Henderson has been working closely with Sherpa climbers for years at the Khumbu Climbing School. In fact, NOLS has even given scholarships to two Sherpa climbers to further their skills in courses in the U.S. Read our interview with Phil.

#latergram by @bookofsamuel. “The trek to basecamp has begun. #Walking steadies the mind, big mountains demand focus and attention.” #OnEverest @natgeothenorthface

A beautiful and strong, high altitude #yak takes respite beside a #Buddhist shrine. #OnEverest @andy_bardon imageNational Geographic

Last #light in the highest #mountains on our planet. #OnEverest @andy_bardon imageNational Geographic