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Gear Crush: Nau’s Chrysalis Dress Jacket

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Portland, Oregon-based Nau is one of those brands we love to love. It’s urban. It’s technical. Its fabrics are made from recycled materials. Uncompromised design and fit are a given with every Nau product. Their color palettes tend to be more muted and subtle for city life. And yet the fabrics and construction are still ready to hit the slopes, the saddle, the subway, etc.

This Chrysalis Dress Jacket ($235) is a signature item from Nau. With detachable sleeves, it’s both a jacket and a dress and makes a statement. Lightweight and soft, the 100 percent recycled polyester pucker weave is visually interesting, wind and water resistant, and extremely breathable and quick to dry. Over the years Nau has refined the design with double side ties for a flattering fit and a generous hood and shawl collar. The unique piece comes in black, light grey, and ink.