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Running: What Are the Best Training Apps?

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Illustrations courtesy (l to r): Runner's World; MapMyFITNESS; Competitor Group & Haneke Design; Abvio

There’s an app for everything right? It sure seems that way—and that’s especially true for runners and fitness fanatics. Do a quick search for “running” at the App Store in iTunes and more than 100 apps related to training, racing, and logging workouts pop up over several pages. Believe it or not, there is even an app for recording the mileage you log in a single pair of running shoes. Here are four useful running apps worth checking out, but we’d love to hear your suggestions, too.

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Runner’s World SmartCoach – $1.99

Interested in training for a race with a simple but very effective custom-tailored training plan? The Runner’s World SmartCoach app, powered by Training Peaks, can create an individualized training plan up to 16 weeks long for distances from 5K to the marathon. After answering a short questionnaire about your running goals and background, it uses proven training methodology to create a program just for you, with daily workout suggestions and advice at your fingertips.

iMapMyRUN+ – $2.99

From the ultimate route-mapping site, this app allows a runner to track and save data from a run—interactive maps, photos, videos, elevation profiles, etc.—and share it with others in a worldwide community at The app also comes with access to website features like nutritional plans and the ability to challenge other runners.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series – Free

Any good running coach worth his or her salt will tell you that you need to know the course—and train for its specific features—if you expect to run your best race. This free app puts the biggest and fastest growing half-marathon and marathon series in the U.S. right at your fingertips. In addition to helping you choose your next race, the app gives you access to course maps and elevation profiles, training suggestions, and social media comments from other runners.

Runmeter GPS 6.0 – $2.99

This app can turn an iPhone into a motivational running coach. Not only can it suggest and track workouts and give detailed feedback about your fitness, but it also has audible announcements and reminders to encourage you along the way. With this app, you can share your training and racing data with others via social media or just save the maps, graphs, and charts of your efforts for future comparisons.

See Brian Metzler’s new Ultimate Running Shoe + Tech Guide.