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The Nobody's River team; Photograph by Justin Clifton

Four Women Kayakers Prepare for “Nobody’s River” Source-to-Sea Expedition

“The Amur River is a vivid reminder of the rich biodiversity an untamed river can support. We are excited to support this brave team of Young Explorers grantees in exploring this important ecosystem, in true National Geographic fashion.”

—Rebecca Martin, Executive Director of National Geographic’s Expeditions Council

In May, four women will embark on a source-to-sea descent of the Amur River—the world’s third longest free-flowing river. Traveling 4,400 kilometers through Mongolia and Russia, the team plans to capture their journey through still and motion images to tell the story of this widely unknown watershed. The expedition is called Nobody’s River and will launch in mid-May.

“Ultimately this project is about savoring something fleeting and beautiful, and doing our part to love this great big planet we all live on together. If we bring home just a little of the magic we find, we will feel successful beyond our wildest dreams,” says expedition leader Amber Valenti.

Over three months, the team will document the challenges, highlights, and, of course, the adventure of this incredible journey—as well as the threats that face the Amur River.

After the team returns this summer, award-winning director and cinematographer Skip Armstrong will join forces to lend his skills to edit the footage into a short film perfectly poised for international adventure and environmental film festivals in 2014.

“We are blown away by the support of our sponsors and friends who have backed us from the very beginning. Because of them this project has become a reality and we’re incredibly grateful for that,” Valenti said.

To learn more and support Nobody’s River, please visit the Nobody’s River website or fundraising site.