Video: Watch our Live Web Chat with the Adventurers of the Year – #AdvofYearChat

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Thanks for voting for the People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year every day through January 31.

A very special live web event is happening today—and you can be part of it. Five inspiring people are coming together to be part of our Adventurers of the Year Google+ Hangout at 1 pm EST. Follow the event here.

Their stories differ from one another. But they share a love of adventure, the outdoors, and pushing their own personal boundaries to see what they are made of. They are bold, courageous, and curious. They have overcome incredible obstacles. They have felt the sweet rewards of not giving up on their dreams. How they relate to their fellow adventurers’ paths and insights will be remarkable. And maybe they will inspire you to chase down your own adventure—big or small?

Our Google+ Hangout will include these 2014 Adventurers of the Year:

• Sky runner Kilian Jornet runs up mountains, fast. His physical ability to blaze up and down technical terrain in the mountains has made him one of the most admired mountain athletes. In 2013 he ran up and down the14,692-foot Matterhorn in a record 2 hours and 52 minutes and 15,781-foot Mont Blanc in 4 hours and 57 minutes.

• Big-wave surfer Greg Long Greg Long paddles into the world’s most daunting waves. After nearly losing his life surfing at Cortes Break at the end of 2012, he came back to win the Big Wave World Tour, surfing strong but changed.

• Explorer Sarah Marquis walked solo from Siberia to Australia over three years. She spent 1,000 nights in a tent and learned many lessons about traveling alone as a woman.

• Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad made it 110-miles from Cuba to Florida—facing sharks, jellyfish, and powerful currents—after four attempts over 35 years.

• Snowboarder Kevin Pearce was one of the world’s top competitors until he sustained a traumatic brain injury on the half pipe just before the Vancouver Olympics. His family, friends, and doctors helped him make an incredible recovery, as seen in the film The Crash Reel. Kevin is now helping brain injury survivors and trying to prevent future ones through his Love Your Brain campaign.

We’ll be covering all kinds of topics: how they had the courage to follow their dreams; what motivates them when times are tough; how they deal with fear, failure, and risks; what their happiest moments have been; and the value adventure brings to their lives.

We’ve already received many questions from social media. Submit yours to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ with the hashtag #advofyearchat.