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Videos From Edge of Space Provide New Perspective

These videos both involve a balloon rising to the edge of space with cameras pointing back at Earth. One project was very high budget. The other decidedly low. Yet they each provide a new perspective.

First, we have a deeper look at the “space dive” by People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year Felix Baumgartner—who was also the subject of a Super Bowl ad for GoPro.

The second is a video of the Grand Canyon taken from several cameras raised to the Stratosphere in and on a styrofoam box sealed with duct tape.

Cameras such as GoPros are helping transform how we see the world with never-seen-before perspectives. The combination of high-quality images at an affordable price allows the unobtrusive cameras to be used in incredible experiments—that often destroy the cameras. The creativity they are inspiring keeps getting better. Case in point, we just adore the absolutely lovable, hugging lions in this video.