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Georgia: Soar High Over Lookout Mountain

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Lookout Mountain Flight Park, Georgia; Photograph courtesy Lookout Mountain Flight Park

Enroll in hang gliding flight school in the gorgeous hills of northwest Georgia.

What Is It? Learn the nuts and bolts of hang gliding from lovely Lookout Mountain. In just two days, you’ll acquire all the skills necessary to successfully complete the requirements for the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) Hang 1 (beginner) foot-launch rating.

Why Do It? In just a weekend, first-rate instructors help you master necessary skills as you launch, fly, and land 20 solo flights from the 65-foot training hill on-site at this phenomenal locale. But it’s not all work. At the end of each day, an ultralight pulls you up to 1,800 feet, where you fly high above the lush, verdant Lookout Mountain.

Make It Happen: Touch base with Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding for more info about their weekend flight school.

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