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Indiana: Discover Turkey Run on Foot

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the Punch Bowl in Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve, Turkey Run: Photograph by Clint Farlinger, AlamyState Park, Indiana;

Hike the Crown Jewel of Indiana’s State Park System

What Is It? This series of 11-day hikes allows you to delve into the deep canyons, sandstone cliffs, and serene hemlock groves of stunning Turkey Run State Park. The trails are short, but don’t be fooled—most are rugged and challenging. Definitely don’t miss Trail 3, a 1.7-mile route that skirts hundred-foot cliffs and canyons as it snakes between the steep walls of both Rocky and Bear Hollows. Not for the faint of heart, this trail negotiates three vertical drops via 15-foot ladders; one section requires climbing up a waterfall while another part leads behind a cataract.

Why Do It? Hiking through Turkey Run is a trip back in time as you wander old-growth forests and discover canyons shaped by ancient forces. Plus, scenic Sugar Creek, good for fishing, wading, and canoeing runs, through the heart of it all. You can camp in the park or go the luxury route and stay at the Turkey Run Inn.

Make It Happen: Visit the Park’s official site for fees, conditions, upcoming events, and maps. Check this very helpful site for detailed information about hiking and activities.

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