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Passage along the Historic Tour route, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky; Photograph by Clint Farlinger, Alamy

Kentucky: Visit Mammoth Cave National Park

Slither, crawl, and climb on the Wild Cave Tour.

What Is It? With more than 400 miles of explored area, Mammoth Cave National Park boasts one of the world’s longest cave systems. The Park Service offers an array of tours varying in length and focus so you can pick the best ones for your needs. We highly recommend the refreshingly different Wild Cave Tour, a six-hour exploration of one of the world’s longest caves that makes you feel like a true pioneer.

Why Do It? No mood lighting or cornball guides. The Wild Cave Tour provides an action-packed escape from Kentucky’s summer heat. Of the tours, this one is the most authentic, complete with free climbing, crawling, squeezing, and slithering through openings as slight as nine inches high. You’ll really feel like an early voyager as you wander through tunnels and grottos that no other group visits.

Make It Happen: Visit Mammoth Cave National Park’s website.

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