D2PEPE Kayaker Upper Youghiogheny River Maryland whitewater rapids
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Kayaker Upper Youghiogheny River Maryland whitewater rapids; Photograph by Tom Uhlman, Alamy
D2PEPE Kayaker Upper Youghiogheny River Maryland whitewater rapids

Maryland: Float the Yough River

White-water raft the scenic and wild Youghiogheny River.

What Is It: A white-water paddling trip on the fantastic Youghiogheny, known as the Yough, a river that begins its journey through Maryland in gently rolling farmlands only to cut north through some of the state’s most rugged mountain topography. Choose the Upper Yough if you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping trip through continuous, tight, technical white water. For a less intimidating but still exciting Class-III to -IV journey, choose the Lower Yough. Both sound like too much? The more mellow Class-I to -II Middle Yough lets you stay dry, enjoy the scenery, or bring along young children.

Why Do It? What better way to create lifetime memories than by cruising world-class white water set against the gorgeous, virgin beauty of western Maryland?

Make It Happen: Book the guided rafting trip of your choice and find other activities to fill your weekend in Maryland at Get Out and Play Outfitters.

What’s your favorite summer weekend adventure in Maryland?

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