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SUP in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Photograph courtesy SUPfari Adventures

Massachusetts: Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Recon the shores of Cape Cod on a stand-up paddleboard adventure.

What Is It? Get to know the beauty of Cape Cod as you paddle, swim, and play throughout its pristine beaches, hidden salt marshes, rich estuaries, and bountiful bays. Excursions include a lesson that covers all the skills you need for a fun, enjoyable “SUPfari.” Afterward, you’ll head out into the great blue yonder for a day of exploration and discovery.

Why Do It? Tourists flock to Cape Cod, but a SUPfari provides a remarkable, tourist-free way to enjoy the Cape’s natural splendor. Highly trained and certified instructors will help advance your SUP skills as you paddle down clandestine and secluded waterways full of marine, plant, and animal life. You’ll cruise over shellfish farms and near active osprey nests. Crabs, eels, and stripers will jet by as gulls and osprey float overhead. Wander an isolated beach and take a dip in the soothing ocean.

Make It Happen: Contact SUPfari Adventures. Instructors are trained and certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA), the Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association (PSUPA), and the American Red Cross in small craft safety/water rescue.

What’s your favorite summer weekend adventure in Massachusetts?

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