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Fly-Fishing in the Ozarks; Photograph courtesy Brian Wise

Missouri: Fly-Fishing in the Ozarks

Land a trophy-size fish while angling the world-class waters of southern Missouri.

What Is It? Imagine having exclusive entry to over a mile of private riverbank on the North Fork of the White River, considered one of the top hundred trout streams in the U.S. Head to the River of Life Farm (ROLF), and you’ll have access to the “miracle mile” of the North Fork’s Wild Trout Management Area while staying in one of the coolest, most secluded spots in the Ozarks.

Why Do It? This is your chance to learn from the best against one of the most magnificent backdrops on the planet. Brian Wise, one of the top guides in the Midwest for his uncanny fishing and teaching abilities, heads up the guiding staff at ROLF. Along with the other guides, he’ll teach you fly-fishing techniques, show you prime holes, and share some of their “big fish catching karma.” You’ll walk away with memories from the trip of a lifetime and—hopefully—a huge trout. Plus, where else can you choose to stay in a treehouse? The option is among a range of lodging at ROLF that also includes log cabins and camping.

Make It Happen: Contact the friendly, knowledgeable folks at the River of Life Farm. For information about Brian Wise, visit the Fly Fishing the Ozarks website.

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