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Kilian Jornet training in Colorado's San Juan mountains before setting a new course record on the Hardrock 100 in July 2014. Photograph courtesy Kilian Jornet

Update: Sky Runner Kilian Jornet to Attempt Aconcagua Speed Record

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Over the past decade we have celebrated the inspiring feats of more than a hundred Adventurers of the Year. It’s no surprise that each of these people has continued to innovate and push the boundaries what adventure means in our lives.
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Today we begin sharing weekly updates on some of our previous Adventurer of the Year honorees. Who better to start with than last year’s People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year, Kilian Jornet, who just set a bold new speed record on Denali last June, followed by a course record on the infamous Hardrock 100 in July. Here Kilian shares a bit about what he’s up to next, his favorite playlist songs, and where he sees himself in ten years.

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Adventure: Do you feel at all nervous about attempting new speed records on Elbrus, Aconcagua, or Everest?

Kilian Jornet: I feel more excited than nervous. There was a lot of planning before each record, so I’m really looking forward to it!

A: Will you approach them at all differently than you have your other speed ascents?

KJ: Well, the new speed records that we want to try are in higher altitude so definitely the preparation is different, as adapting to the height might be the more complicated part to me.

A: Do you plan to go on to attempt speed records on all of the seven summits?

KJ: Yes, that’s the idea. Also, we want to do it going it the lightest as possible and being minimalist on the approach, trying to keep my values and the way I understand mountains.

A: What have you been up to since you received the People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year award?

KJ: It has been a really interesting year! I went to the Denali in Alaska and we managed to break the record, it was amazing. After that I won the ultra running and sky running series.

A: Who do you find most inspiring in the world of adventure right now?

KJ: Wow so difficult to say! There are so many projects that I couldn’t be able to choose any.

A: What’s the coolest trend you’ve seen happen in sky running over the past few years?

KJ: What I like is to see that more and more people are getting interested in going out to the mountains and run. From kids to old people, everyone can hang around in the mountains, and this is very exciting. I only hope that people will respect the nature and the surroundings!

A: What’s next for you?

KJ: Aconcagua in December, and hopefully Everest next spring!

A: What is the one non-essential item you bring with you on every trip?

KJ: A notebook to draw and write about the adventures.

A: What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

KJ: Check out the mountains around my home.

A: Name three favorite songs on your favorite playlist.

KJ: “Jean Luc” by Els Amics de les Arts; “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols; “Manel” by Teresa Rampell

A: Where will you be in ten years from now?

KJ: Hopefully somewhere in the mountains!

A: How has being National Geographic’s People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year affected your career?

KJ: It has been quite surprising, as I’ve got a lot of interest and this is always very interesting for our sport.