Kilian Jornet Sets New Ascent-Descent Speed Record on Argentina’s Aconcagua

Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet
, our 2014 People’s Choice Adventurer of Year, just set a new ascent-descent record on Aconcagua (22,837 feet or 6,902 meters), the Western Hemisphere’s highest peak, as part of his Summits of My Life project. His time was 12 hours 49 minutes following the normal route, with a start and finish in Horcones. This route ascends 13,327 vertical feet in about 25 miles to reach the summit. Read more about his Aconcagua record here >>

According to Climbing magazineClimbing magazine, the fastest reported times on Aconcagua are in the 15-hour range for the round trip from Horcones. No one has ever reported a time faster than 13 hours 46 minutes for this route.

“I’m really happy to have completed this new challenge. It has been tough, especially at 6,500 meters altitude when I suffered altitude sickness. Anyway, these moments of suffering will always be remembered,” said Kilian.

Kilan completed the challenge Tuesday after a failed attempt last Friday, when he was forced to turn back at a height of about 6,500 meters due to bad weather, with gusts of wind of more than 90 kilometers an hour.

Mountain runner Emelie Forsberg, cameramen Seb Montaz, and Vivian Bruchez, who advised on safety, accompanied Kilian in this challenge.

Kilian also set a new record on Alaska’s Denali (McKinley) in 2014. With this new challenge Kilian Jornet completes the third year of his project Summits of My Life.