Our Favorite Retro Lantern

Upon seeing the Barebones Canyon Lantern for the first time, music fans of a certain age might find themselves singing a Cowboy Junkies lyric: “We are miners, hard rock miners … .”

In fact, they might find themselves having a hard time not singing it: The Canyon Lantern unabashedly draws on the retro sensibilities of old-school mountain mining. One could easily imagine it was pulled off the wall of a roadhouse high in the Rockies. But of course, there’s no kerosene and no wick—this LED light runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and puts out nothing more than a warm glow.

The light cranks from one lumen to 200, with a run time of 80 hours on low and three hours on high, and the telescoping lens casts a sharp beam for distance or diffused one for ambience. The spot mode is more than bright enough for navigating woods between lodge and cabin, though some might find the bullseye pattern thrown by the circular lens to be distracting.

Settings are micro-adjustable; just set the best amount of light with the top-mounted dial. Charging is via attached USB, and because we live the gadget era you can, naturally, charge your phone from it. Height is 7.5 inches to top of handle.

$80 • BUY

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