The Stylish, Functional Bicycle Multi-Tool

Apple might have brought sophisticated yet streamlined design to the masses, but Crank Brothers brought it to the bike world. From pedals to wheels, the kids from Laguna Beach have established an ethos that’s fun, spirited, and fresh, yet still highly functional.

This last quality is the most important, especially in a multi-tool, which might be all that stands between between you and a long walk home. Crank Bros’ latest is the Y16, a triangular little device that vaguely resembles the face of a tiny Transformer. Held together by magnets, the miniature bike shop contains 16 tools, including hex wrenches #2 through #8, two torx wrenches, phillips and flathead screwdrivers, CO2 inflator, chain tool, and spoke wrenches.

There’s a lighter, 12-tool version, but when it comes to bike tools more is usually better. You’d hate to be stranded eight miles from the trailhead wishing for one of the four you were too cheap to buy.

$50 • BUY

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