Flawless, Wireless Photo Transfer With Eyefi Mobi Pro SD Card

More cameras have wi-fi these days to enable fast and seamless transfer of images to phone or computer, but not all of them, and not all ever will. The Canon 5D Mark iii, for example, is so weatherproofed that getting a signal through its body would be tricky. And while taking a memory card from camera to laptop or desktop, or transferring via cable, isn’t particularly onerous, it adds steps…steps that if you’re traveling might have to wait until you get home.

An easy solution is Eyefi’s Mobi Pro SD Card, which contains its own wi-fi transmitter, works in hundreds of cameras, and syncs seamlessly with most smartphones. I’m using this 32GB card in my 5D Mark iii, which has slots for both CF and SD cards. I’ve set it up so that that camera records RAW files to the CF card and jpegs to the Eyefi and then throughout my day or the shoot I transfer the best images to my iPhone 6 Plus for faster sharing via email or social.

The Mobi Pro is only available in 32GB and might offer more storage than you want, but unlike the smaller, non-pro Eyefi cards, you can transfer individual images, rather than do so en masse. That feature alone was worth the extra cost to me. It also comes with a year’s worth of Eyefi cloud storage.

Syncing is super easy and, more important, occurs consistently. My Canon G16 has wi-fi, for example, and connects to my phone only about half the time. And let’s not even talk about the poor communication between GoPros and their smartphone apps. But the Eyefi — once you install the app and pair it with the card, it always connects (via the step of selecting its wi-fi signal in your settings). It’s money.

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